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AMBER 35mm - This range has now been superseded please see the Diamond 20mm and 16mm LED range

Artillus are one of the pioneers in the development and sales of edge lighting products going back to the early 2000's. Style conscious display makers wanted to move away from bulky back lit light boxes to something slender, this light box has been installed in countless retail stores and shops, malls, airports, pubs, restaurants, offices and entertainment venues throughout the UK.

We always use only the best components for our light boxes, top quality electronics and acrylics available.
We continue to offer a range of standard sizes but readily manufacture custom sizes to meet your needs for just one single unit or for quantities.

• 35mm deep
• Edge Lit Technology
• Silver anodised aluminium
• Convex or F
lat snap frame options
• Integrated electronics
• Front Loading Snap Frame
• Cable and 3 pin plug
• Single or Double sided
• Custom sizes up to 3000 x 2000mm
• Internal use

Snap front frame also reveals the electronics
Amber back panel with pre drilled mounting holes
Edge lit structure
Amber Edge Lit Light Box produces shadow free illumination

The Amber super slim light box provides optimum lighting for a shadow free illumination of transparencies and prints. The T5 energy efficient fluorescent lamps and the electronic ballast's are integrated under the snap frame surround.

Once installed the graphics are easy to install or change without removing the unit from the wall - simply snap open the front loading snap frame and sandwich the graphic behind the anti reflective front protection sheet.

Replacement T5 fluorescent lamps (15mm diameter) are available from most electrical wholesalers.

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Illuminate your display in Retail Stores, Pubs, Restaurants and Entertainment Venues, Airports, Shopping Malls, Shops and Offices. Our GraphElite light boxes are the industry benchmark.
Convex Frame Style

Flat Frame Style

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Amber with flat snap frame front profile