Banner and Wall graphic mounting systems

These products have been discontinued and superseded by our Simplicity Range.

See the Simplicity range for "Frameless" fabric display profiles.
Side view of brackets
Tensioned wall banners with a floating effect
The TensionFlex system provides frameless image styling and gives a floating appearance to the graphic as it hangs taught 25mm from the wall
This easy to use, superb aluminium tensioning system is perfect for mounting medium size to large format flexible material displays and printed graphics for all indoor applications.

Thanks to its flat structure - just 25mm - and mounting plates at the back, the system is practically invisible and simple to install, thereby confining saggy banners into history.

TensionFlex can be used for exhibitions, fairs and concerts, in offices, shops, car showrooms, cinema halls, shopping malls, etc.
In other words, a useful and decorative indoor fabric tensioning system for anywhere large or small wall banners have to be fixed.

This modern system can be used to mount very large seamless wall banners. Changing of graphics could not be simpler.
The system is very effective for the tensioning of advertising banners and decorative fabrics for both short-term as well as long term use.

You can purchase the individual aluminium components for self install, (price list is available on request), and we offer a complete installation service throughout the UK.

Design, artwork and banner production available.

Tension brackets are hidden behinf the banner
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Tensionflex mount brackets
Wide banners can be joined together
A non illuminated banner mounted with Handyflex

The HandyFlex system gets to grips with easy wall mounting of printed front lit display graphics - It offers greater freedom than wall pasting images and allows you to create attractive wall displays using unusual frame shapes - There are three basic profile types to suit particular demands. Front tensioning, side tensioning and a general profile for retro fit applications. Handyflex® is ideal for many in-store promotion wall areas and exhibition display applications.

The 10mm and the 20mm deep Aluminium/PVC flexible face tensioning system is available in Black, White or Silver Grey. It can be used for the mounting of small size A4 prints right up to gigantic 20m x 5m sizes.

Handyflex® can also be retrofitted to existing display areas and light boxes where one piece graphics are required, overcoming many of the restrictions in width or length of rigid materials.

The picture at the side illustrates how the front tensioning system works. The snap in PVC trim grips the printed fabric in the aluminium profile.

Using the side tensioning frame profile will produce a 'borderless' look but is slightly more complex to fit, care is required when hammering around the sides of the frame to avoiding damaging the wall.

The Black or White PVC trim can be used for internal and external display. Whilst the Grey trim is recommended for internal use only.
Handyflex grips using a PVC profile
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