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FAQ's that often get asked...

This page is where we have taken a few of of the questions we are often asked. We will add to and change these from time to time and hope that you will find the questions and answers of interest.

If you have any questions please feel free to call us on 0333 123 0345.

Q. "What are the differences between Back Lit, Edge Lit and Front Lit illumination?"

A. Back Lit: These are light boxes where the illumination comes from the light source placed behind a translucent graphic such a transparency or digital print to illuminate it.

Edge Lit: This is where the light source is placed along the edge of either specially formulated or engraved acrylic to make the panel "light up".

Front Lit: This is where the illumination is placed in front of the graphic so the light shines onto the front surface of any graphics printed onto cardboard or a solid substrate.

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Q. "What are the advantages of the three different illumination methods?"

A. Back Lit: LED Illumination comes in various forms either in strips, modules or lightboards. Much depends on the size and requirements regarding the depth of the lightbox. The deeper the lightbox the lower the quantity of strips or modules, which in turn can lower the manufacturing costs.

Edge Lit: Illumination comes LED strips either flexible or rigid and sometime modules located on or within the edge of the lightbox again depending on the lightbox profile depth. Ultra slim lightboxes as low as 10mm in depth are illuminated by an edge lit acrylic lightboard or lightsheet. The advantage of a lightboard over strips is the illumination is totally even across the whole surface, due to the CNC engraved grid technology. Edge lit boxes are ultimately slimmer than back lit.

Front Lit: LED in various forms including lamps and strips, to shine on from the front any item that cannot be lit from behind such as printed card menus and poster display cases for example
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