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'Garnet' - 12V or 24V 8mm Deep LED Lightboards

As an ideal light source for displays the Garnet is one of the slimmest LED light boards in the UK. A multi purpose light panel for illuminating graphics, for back lighting and integrating into displays wherever a light source is required in a narrow space. Our edge lit boards or light sheet are manufactured with high bright white LED. For glowing colour boards and colour change sequencing we use single colour and RGB LED's. The LED boards provide an even spread of light, long life and provide maintenance free illumination.

The LED light boards are manufactured to order to meet individual requirements. Custom size doesn't necessarily mean 'expensive' so give us a call whatever the size, whatever the quantity.

All units are custom made

• Power saving LED's
• Edge Lit Technology
• Only 8mm deep
• Long life 50,000+ hrs
• Maintenance Free
• Cool running
• Low Power consumption
• Multi purpose light boards
• Indoor use only
• Complete with 12/24V DC
Transformer and 3 pin plug
• CE & UL Listed
• Interior use

Technical Specification
RGB Control
Control options
On/Off control of R/G/B/W LED or dimming available
Power supply
Normal electricity
Location of controller
Built in inside of frame or as separate manual or remote
Light Guide Panel
Light beam projection
Edge light projection type
Light source
Top view flash type RGB LED
Pattern of V-cutting
Special pattern for 2 edges projection
8mm thickness. Engraved acrylic sheet
Surface luminous
Around 3000 Lux
External dimension Various
External thickness
Aluminium Edging
Superb brightness without shadows or hotspots
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No minimum quantities for
custom or
standard products

We don't penalise you if you only need one item!
Unlike some companies, we don't ask you to buy more than you need.

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Low voltage DC power supply
Or Colour Change Light boards
Using the most advanced know-how and technology, each board has its own unique graduated grid v-cutt pattern. Individually engraved, this ensures all boards produce a totally even illumination across the surface whatever its size,
Reliable D.C power supply for LED light source
LED light board sample
Various colour ranges : White, 3000°K, 6000 °K,
RGB single colours or Rainbow colour changing

White LED boards
Build into your own framework for light effects or for the back illumination of digital printed images on film or translucent paper and transparencies.

Manual or remote dimming options also available.

Choose your Colour Range
3200 °K
4600 °K
5300 °K
7000 °K

RGB LED boards with inbuilt or IR DMX Controller
Ideal for building into displays where static colour or colour changing fades are required.
Can be manufactured to one single RGB colour or Rainbow colour changing fade or flash sequences. Tell us what you need and we'll try to meet your requirements.

LED boards can be made in any size from 100 x 100mm up to a maximum of 3000mm x 1500mm to back illuminate anything transluscent such as Prints, Fabrics, Glass, Decorative materials and even sheets of stone! Let your imagination run free!

Garnet with print as diffuser
Garnet light boards only 8mm in thickness can be easlily integrated into many kinds of frame structures. The LED light boards can be fully dimmable by remote IR controller.

Cool running, low energy costs and long life all add up to make the Garnet light boards ideal for building into permanent displays.
Non Illuminated
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