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"Simplicity" - Simple, easy change, Frameless Fabric display system
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The ideal super slim light box for large poster display inside and outside Retail Stores and shopping Malls, Theatres, Museums, Offices, Hotels, Entertainment Venues and Airports - call us on 01604 864615 for a no obligation quotation
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Illuminated product range

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"Simplicity" non illuminated single sided display profiles start as low as 17mm. LED Illuminated start at 25mm ranging up to 150mm for very large displays. Double sided non illuminated profiles are 50mm or more depending on display requirements.

LED illumination can be used to create superb back displays that are easy to handle at the same time provide superb decorative graphics.

All profiles provide the "frameless" look with the integrated slot tensioning system for fitting of a dye sublimation printed fabric with a sewn silicone edge band.

The dye sublimation printed face is held under tension across the light box by the silicone band, and is a proven tensioning system used by many high profile customers across Europe.

As the "Simplicity" system is front loading the profiles fit neatly into recessed areas without requiring any shadow gaps for a smooth flush finish.

"Simplicity" could not be simpler to use as it will integrate easily with most exhibition profiles if required.

If you are designing a display and need a solution to a problem then a "Simplicity" profile might unlock the answer - If you can draw it then "Simplicity" can make it work!

• Easy change silicone edged fabric graphics
• Non Illuminated from 17mm deep

• Illuminated with LED from 25mm deep
• Ideal for Freestanding or wall mounted displays
• Lightweight and durable solutions
• "Simplicity" fits snugly into recesses
• Profiles can be precut for self assembly
• Retrofit profile for existing signage or display boxes

• The ideal solution for permanent and temporary displays
• Ideal for Exhibitions Retail Displays and Interiors
• Complete manufacture and installation service available.

The versatility of our front loading 'frameless' profiles allow designers and display makers to create simple displays for instore, exhibitions, signage and promotions.

Freestanding, Wall mounted or for fitting snugly into recesses the front loading profiles use a printed fabric graphic with a silicone edging strip which tensions the fabric as it is slotted into the profile - all done simply using the fingers - requiring no special tools or skills.
Changes of graphics can be completed in minutes by on site staff saving the cost of employing specialist installers - nothing could be easier or simpler. "Simplicity" profiles range from 17mm deep up to 180mm deep, so there's a solution for everyone's needs: Single or Double sided, Freestanding displays with edge to edge prints, large or small. Printed graphics can be almost any size from A4 up to 3m high by 15m wide for large wall displays.

Suspended Frameless
Graphics can be virtually any printable image, abstracts, scenery, patterns, product shots, instructional signage, brand building campaigns and Point of Sale.

Low cost face replacement means décor/design can be refreshed often and economically.

"Simplicity" for seamless images with no joins stretching around corners and angles. Unlike many light box systems, it can be manufactured with gentle curves or shapes (subject to survey) - adding greater choice for design.
Cube tower Frameless
Slot in front loading
26.70 Profile

A hugely popular
and versatile display system

Suspended displays for exhibition and Freestanding displays for promotions.
"Whatever size you need we can make it"...
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