'Sunstone' - Backlit LED 'Entry All' Back Lit Light Box

The 'Sunstone' is a traditional back lit light box, which contains cool white LED modules. This is a traditional aluminium sign box, well proven in the sign and display industries. The box can be ordered with a single opal acrylic or an opal and clear making this light box extremely versatile for both interior or exterior uses.

The screw fixed front frame allows the box to be edged up close to wall, floor or ceiling returns, as the acrylic and graphics can be accessed from any of the four front edges. The single opal option is often used for images which are screen printed, digitally printed or applied as vinyl graphics, alternatively requesting Opal and clear acrylics allows for transparencies or printed graphic to be sandwiched in between them. The Sunstone can be used for internal or external applications such as signage and for interior design applications such as offices and reception areas.

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All Sunstones are custom made to order up to 2m x 3m.

Prices on application.

The front trims are held in with screws for security
Slide out the most convenient trims
Remove the screws for access
Slide out the graphic to make changes
Technical Specification
Graphic images create a nice working environment
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The ideal solution as a cost effective light box in Retail Stores, Shops, Pubs and Entertainment Venues, Airports, Shopping Malls for information display or signage - for a no obligation quote
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Entry All Light Box
1. Remove the countersunk screws.
2. Ease out the trim from your selected edge.
3. Slide out the acrylic or graphic for changes or maintenance.

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100/135/160mm deep
Entry All Profile
Backlit LED illumination
Silver anodised aluminium

Slide in graphics
3m cable and 3 pin plug
Single or Double sided
Custom sizes available
upto 2m x 3m
RAL colour coated options
Interior/Exterior use

The 'Sunstone' 'Entry All' frame allows for secure fitting of graphics which can be sandwiched between the opal diffuser and clear front acrylic. The trims are secured in place by countersunk screws. For graphics changes or maintenance removing the screws allows the trims to slide out. Once this has been done the graphic and the acrylics will also slide out. Removing one or more of the four trims can make access easier.

Light box depth varies according to the overall size specification. The bigger the light box the deeper the profile for added strength. 

222 x 309mm
A4 (210 x 297mm)
309 x 432mm
A3 (297 x 420mm)
432 x 606mm
A2 (420 x 594mm)
606 x 853mm
A1 (594 x 841mm)
853 x 1201mm
A0 (841 x 1189mm)
12V LED Cool White
Surface Colour
Silver Anodised Aluminium (RAL colour options for quantity)
Light box front
3mm/5mm opal and clear depending on box size
Mounting Method
Wall screws, projection brackets or suitable mounting system for double sided units
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