Outdoor Poster Display and Menu Cases - all with the option of adding LED lighting

The Procity range of information and poster display cases are produced for indoor and outdoor use. Manufactured in France, these products have become extremely popular in the UK. All units are extremely functional and durable, the quality is unquestionable and the pricing competitive.

All the poster display cases and light boxes in the catalogue can be illuminated with an LED lighting kit
to illuminate posters, menus and information printed on substrates like heavy weight paper or card that cannot be back lit.
Vitincom Front  Illuminated
Illumination for Procity poster display cases and light boxes comes as an easy to install LED kit.

Poster display cases Classic, Classic sliding-door & dual-door ''1000'', ''2000'' single & double-sided ''3000'' single & double-sided can be fitted with an ''LED lighting kit'' of the appropriate size, to be fitted by your installer. You can add a second kit in the lower part of the poster display case for added impact.
The electrical wiring must be installed by a qualified person to comply with applicable safety regulations. The cable exit is not predefined in order that the installer can choose the most suitable position.
Electrical components in light boxes are factory fitted and comply with European directive CE/73/23 and BS EN 60-598.
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Procity Vitincom products incorporate the following key features:-

• Wear resistant and warp proof integrated hinges.

• "Safety" locks manufactured exclusively for Vitincom® with the latch unseen from the outside.

• 100% of the display surface protected by fixing the lock on the aluminium frame and not the glass.

• Easy to use, press hinge doors to easily open them outwards.

• Door replaceable with the same model in case of damage or vandalism, without tools or removing case.

• Reversible door can be changed to left/right opening without tools or removing the case.

• Outdoor models are equipped with anti-condensation vents and Elastomer Seals

• Zinc electroplated steel backboard, posters are mounted using magnetic pins

Reversable hinged doors
Vitincom Key Lock ing
Key locking

Every information display product you need for wall fixing or post mounting

A complete range of products used by:

Town and County Councils
Church Councils
Parks Management
Schools and Colleges
Facility Management
Leisure and Recreation Centres.

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